Get involved!

This website presents lists of FOAMed resources relevant and valuable to us as students, but is by no means exhaustive. Join us in filling out the gaps, helping the path of current and future medical students, world-wide.

You can contribute to this site in a few different ways.

1.  Please send us links! If you know of a FOAMed resource (or a website/blog/podcast/online video you think might be considered as FOAMed) that you are using for a particular subject- don’t sit on it- share the love. We are all trying to jump through the same hoops, to end up being colleagues together in the (not too distant) future. Add your twitter handle to the links you send in and you will be twitterewarded at the very least.


2.  Become an author on our blog page. For this you will need to put in a little bit of effort. Create a blog entry on anything FOAMedstudent related:

  • review a site or resource you have used…
  • interview a FOAMed creator…
  • make a video of how to get more out of your devices…
  • or really anything that tickles your fancy.

These will be released as posts and shared with the #FOAMed community, and you will be listed as a contributor or author. Send an expression of interest.


3. Fill out this survey online. It’s short, it’s not boring, it’s about how you use FOAM resources as a medical student, and how you’d like to see it shaped in the future. This way you get to contribute to what is made.