There are some great online anatomy atlases.

TeachMeAnatomy is a great site, particularly for cranial nerves, but actually just for everything.

Dr Najeeb goes through various bodily systems and teaches anatomy & physiology together. Here is his series on the structure and function of the liver, as an example. But he’s made videos on pretty anything you’re struggling with.

Andy Neil, Emergency Medicine registrar, former lecturer in Anatomy has put together a series of video podcasts to help make certain aspects of anatomy easier to grasp. His work on neuroanatomy is particularly special. Check it out here: here. There is a succinct list of Andy’s work (with descriptors) here.

Ken Hub offers interactive online anatomy trainers, which quiz your knowledge and adapt to your level and speed. Some of the site is free access, obviously they offer more if you pay. They also send Daily Anatomy emails to test you. These are useful.

Radiopaedia is a heavensend for putting textbook anatomy into context radiologically. They also have a phone app for when you’re on the train/tram.

And for some random videos for visualising anatomy, there’s some animations here. Basic level, but if that’s what you need, that’s what you need.

Ali and her team from has done some brilliant illustrations, worth a quick look.

Need a mnemonic? Try some of Action Potential’s.

And for a truck-load of flashcards on anatomy, have a look at study blue’s collection (it’s free to sign up).

Want to see more links on this topic? Let us know what you’ve found (or even better… make your own!) and help make it easier for other students.