First you must respect the ethos of FOAM. Read Michael Jasumback’s proposition of the rules of ethics of FOAM before you get started.

Here’s how to create a blog/website for starters. For specific how-to help, this site is fantastic, from the basics to the not-so-basics.

EmCrit shares some ideas on FOAM-creation too, and you can also listen to Mike & Matt from UltrasoundPodcast.

Make an animated video or presentation.

Andy Neill also talks about all these elements in a particularly thorough and helpful blog post.

Publish your study notes, or flash cards for the whole world to benefit.

If you’re just about ready to publish your work, consider licensing under Creative Commons: watch the little video on this page.

And lastly, speak up about what you think about the FOAM resources you see. You can speak up about what you are NOT YET seeing here – we may just be able to influence the direction of the swell…