Want to start with some cardiology physiology? Try Dr John-Emile Kenny’s lectures on CV physiology. Technically you need to go through chapter one on respiratory physiology first (which you should), but you can also just jump straight here and have a listen if you need some back up to your physiology lectures at school.

Medical Reel’s cardiology Youtube channel is worth a visit.

Learntheheart.com has loads of useful pages, heart murmurs in particular.

For 3 minute animations about all things cardiology that you want to get your head around more, ProfMontage’s site is a MUST SEE.

Another extensive cardio blog is drsvenkatesan’s – just search by clicking on categories for what you need assistance with.

To get your head around ECGs, Amal Mattu is your guy. Scroll down this list to check out his cases based on the cause of the abnormal ECG (spoiler alert though if you wanna have a go at guessing youself). Follow him on twitter for regular updates.

For more on ECGs check out Dr Smith’s ECG blog.

You can quiz yourself several places, but back to learntheheart for plenty of ECG quizzes and general cardiology quizzes.

Want to see more links on this topic? Let us know what you’ve found (or even better… make your own!) and help make it easier for other students.