There’s heaps available online!

DermNet NZ is great for a first-go-to for diagnostic images and info.

For pictures, cases and quizzes, create a quick log in at Interactive Derm Atlas – helpful.

Also, there’s an app for that…

Dermnet has extensive image categories, as well as some videos on common dermatological diseases of interest.

DermWeb has many links to other photo atlases available on the web, as well as many of their own resources. Merck Manuals also have a list of high quality photos you can use for comparison.

Information modules by DermIS might be  somewhat useful, but limited to the topics of HemorrhoidsMycosisRosaceaEczema and Skincancer.

Carver College of Medicine have a very big image library also (can’t have too many at hand).


Want to see more links on this topic? Let us know what you’ve found (or even better… make your own!) and help make it easier for other students.