Helpful apps

This page discusses some of the medical apps (of which there are thousands) that might be worth your time and bandwidth to download.

Firstly, you should read this. 9 things to ask before using a medical app.

But without question, you should all have evernote. No ifs, or buts, it will change your life. Click here to get it and then download it to all your iThings or androidThings and away you go.

Here’s a blog post about iPad apps for med school, with links to apps to optimise their usability for med school.

Academic Life in Emergency Medicine‘s editor Michelle Lin has generously created and made available her Paucis Verbis Cards which can be downloaded from this link as smartphone flash cards, and there is an evernote integration function here with is priceless if you’re already an evernote convert.

iMedicalapps reviews apps and has a forum for users for support and feedback. You can search apps by specialty and generally just have a ball at their site (if you’re a tech-geek). Check out their top apps section for an ever-evolving showcase.

Radiology apps are numerous and VERY helpful.

Check out some Urology app reviews.

DrawMD has created a number of different specialty-specific iPad apps which are encouraged for use with patient education. But I think the pics are pretty fab and can be useful for us too.

Anki and memorangapp allow you to make your own flashcards and test yourself from your mobile and desktop devices.