You’re in luck if you need help in this department.

Just to get a clue…. look at this list, then practice reading drug charts and guessing the class/type of drug.

Interactive Clinical Pharmacology have online interative tutorials on the basics (and some less basic) concepts.

Pharmacology Corner is a brilliant site with stacks of resources. You can also sign up to their free psychopharmacology lectures and videos weekly or biweekly. You can also access those already made here.

Handwritten tutorials describes pharmacokinetics simply, and helps us out when we need to get our head around how anticoagulants work with a 3 video series on haemostasis.

EMBasics covers paracetamol (acetominophen) overdose well, which often pops up in written exams. Check it out here.

When it comes time to learning to write up drug charts (or even understanding them?!), emergencypedia has linked to a couple of great pdf articles. One is on prescribing terminology and one on common drugs to get your head around.