Loads of social media happenings in the world of nephrology. The list below will be soon bulging…

Nephjc has recorded Google Hangouts amongst nephrologists talking about various topics in the field. Pretty rare opportunity.

NephrologyOnDemand (NOD) has lectures, links to video lectures, and other random stuff. They have an iPhone & iPad app too, which you might find useful on the go, however we find their web version easier to navigate.

Joel Topf’s Precious Bodily Fluids blog talks about many controversial and tricky topics in nephrology. There’s also a blog for renal fellows with LOTS of interesting posts. Find your way around using their ‘labels’ down on the righthand side.

American Journal of Kidney Disease’s blog has a great quizz section for testing your knowledge.

NephronPower has some great concept maps (some of which are drawn by students). Two of our faves for example, are on hypercalcaemia and hyponatraemia.

Want to see more links on this topic? Let us know what you’ve found (or even better… make your own!) and help make it easier for other students.