The big daddy of FOAM sites dedicated to all things most relevant to GP is foam4gp. There are so many links on their site that you’re best just to go there and wander around till you find what you need.

A great blog for cases and other tid-bits.

You can access Australian Family Physician online to access many blog-like articles framed to GPs. The site is not easily navigated by particular topic, rather it’s listed by Issue number and topic, however, headings covered in each issue are easily seen.

Australian Medical Observer also has some great short GP style examination and procedural videos. They are short and snappy, and some quite useful. To access them, you’ll need to register, which is painless.

For a hilarious but thorough video on rectal examination, click here. You won’t regret it.

Follow the twitter hashtag #FOAMgp to pick up the latest on FOAMed for general practice.

Want to see more links on this topic? Let us know what you find (or make your own!) and help make it easier for others.