EM in 5 has a couple of 5 minute videos on emergency O&G issues: 4T’s of postpartum hemorrhage and Resuscitation in Pregnancy.

To test yourself on OBG topics, take the quizzes at obgmanagement.com. Registration process is simple, and you get access to whole lot of material.

Foam4GP has a category on women’s health and obstetrics topics.

Sketchymedicine.com (which is awesome by the way) has several bits on women’s health and obstetrics. Defo worth a look.

From a unique pre-hospital retrieval perspective, we can learn about the physiology of pregnancy. You can find Minh Le Cong’s detailed post here.

How to read a CTG from Geeky Medics is helpful.

One element which will be (and should be) incorporated into medical education in the future will be education about what’s normal in the female genitalia. This is an area which has been researched recently by a couple of medical students at the University of Melbourne, and their results will no doubt inform future curriculum. It has been recommended that the Labia Library resource which has been created by Women’s Health Victoria should be viewed by all doctors in training.

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