Check out Scott H Young’s 50 tricks/tools to study…

But for some tried and trusted FOAMy tools:


Should we be using them? BoringEM delves into this. If you decide yes, then check out Action Potential’s.


Try Quizlet, Anki, or mnemosyne. For a truck-load of flashcards on anatomy, check out study blue’s collection (it’s free to sign up). Flash-cards work best if you build them up early in your study-course, and use the spaced-repetition model of learning.


Here is a list of OSCE advice sites: has a fantastic list of physical exams and history sequences to review.


OSCESkills OSCE category

OSCE videos

For those that prefer to watch rather than read:


LITFL Collection


Follow @UMEmergencyMed on twitter to play What’s the Diagnosis? the first Tuesday of every month. Education Pearls.

For ophthalmology quizzes check out The Eyes Have It.

Oh gosh there’s heaps… they’re currently listed under each specialty – so if you have an area in particular you’re struggling with, try there first.