First port of call if you’re an Australian student, will be Royal Children’s Hospital Clinical Guidelines. This is the mothership of all paeds resources for Melbourne and surrounds.

Resus4Kids is a fabulous site, with e-learning components.

Common presentations in paeds includes ENT symptoms. There are plenty of links to ENT podcasts from @ENTExpertOpin, which are specifically geared towards paediatric otolaryngology.

A couple of great blogs dedicated to paeds are:

Don’t forget the bubbles


Check out for cases by specialty in paediatrics.

Reeldx have recorded live videos of paediatric patients in their ED, so we can learn from them. many of them are common, and there are lots of rashes- worth a look.

Get some more practice with clinical signs through Virtual Paediatric Hospital.

One of the things we tend to fear the most and how to deal with it is discussed by Greg Kelly’s talk “When Children Die” from SMACCgold conference in March 2014.

Twittersphere: If you want to filter FOAM for paediatric topics on twitter use the hashtag #FOAMPed and also #Paedstips for paediatric pearls of wisdom.