Jamie Shovlin

Thankfully, there are plenty of awesome sites to help us out as students with reading X-rays, deciphering ultrasound images, orienting ourselves on CTs and MRIs and therefore leaving us in better position to pass these questions on exams and let us look like less of the twits we usually are when confronted with an image on wards.

Here is a list of handy sites compiled by is one of the big daddies of radiology sites, and reaches multiple platforms seamlessly, to provide daily opportunities to practice spot diagnoses.

Radiology Masterclass has some fantastic online tutorials. provides plenty of extra cases to practice.

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists have put together a great resource called insideradiology to learn about the different procedures commonly used in our region.

Ultrasound is predicted to take over more and more of an important role, especially in the ED. There is also some talk about whether it is appropriate for ultrasound training to be made a standard part of medical curriculum…

Need practice looking at ultrasound images? and sonospot are both totally awesome, as are the ultrasoundpodcasts. Then there’s free video lectures by leading sono-pros at the CCUS Institute (register your email for free to gain more access).

For paediatric problems, scroll down on this link for common conditions and accompanying radiographic findings.

Radiology apps are handy on the train.