Remind me – why am I doing this?

Medical students are under a lot of pressure.

Australia’s official medical student body (AMSA) has created a website devoted to medical student mental health wellbeing. On it, there is a page devoted to links for online resources for students. Check it out. Matt McAlpine, a final year medical student at the University of Western Sydney, has generously shared his personal experience with maintaining his wellbeing in medical school. Thumbs up.

Burn-out is common in medical students, and junior doctors. To check how close you’re getting to burn-out, take a look at this check-list. More than 5 points means you’re well on the road…

On burn-out from an ED physician’s perspective, but fitting.

There are fabulous blogs about the place that help us to feel like we are not alone. For example, FOAMedAtSchool.

Chat with others at medstudentsonline.

You can also keep in touch with other student FOAMites both following the #FOAMedstudent, #medstudents and #LifeofaMedStudent hasthags on twitter.

Have a laugh at #whatshouldwecallmedschool on tumblr.

And for some last words of wisdom from some of the greatest teachers – the patients we come across…

For some commentary on what it is to be a doctor, and whether you feel you’ve made the right decision or not, you’ll find insight from those who’ve gone before you in a series of replies to The Globe & Mail article entitled: Think Medical School is For you? You’re probably wrong.

Response Part I: from Eve Purdy, (@purdy_eve)

Response Part II: from Teresa Chan, (@TChanMD)

Response Part III: from Heather Murray, (@HeatherM211)

Response Part IV: from Alim Pardhan, (@AlimPardhan)

Response Part V: from Sarah Luckett-Gatopoulos, (@SLuckettG)

To follow the conversation as it evolved follow the twitter hastag #dearpremed.