Emergency medicine is well represented in podcast-world. Rage podcasts, EMCrit podcastsheftemcast, St Emlyn’s podcasts (eg headache) and others.

EMBasic provides 30 minute podcasts of case-based discussions aimed at medical students and interns.

For surgical podcasts (case-based) aimed at student level check out surgery101’s.

Matt & Mike of Ultrasound Podcast provide a hilarious podcast commentaries on the special powers of ultrasound. It’s definitely worth a listen, and not only for the giggles.

Life in the Fast Lane have a list of podcasts too if you’re looking for something emergency focused (which we’ve heard described as the best 15 minutes of every specialty). We havent’ reviewed all these podcasts yet for student-worth. If you’d like to do that for us, please let us know.

Merck Manuals provide a number of free podcasts too, from 10-30 minutes in length.