First urology course at Universidade de Coimbra in Portugal

First urology course at Universidade de Coimbra in Portugal

Urology is well represented in the world of FOAMed. I’ve tried to list some of the sites, but watch this space for more.

UrologyMatch.com is a fantastic site for more info about this specialty, and if you are wanting to watch some videos of urological surgeries here is a library.

They also have a great resource which is an adjunct to textbooks for your urology rotation here. They’ve highlighted things which surgeons may ask you over their shoulder in the theatre. Helpful.

UrologyMatch’s Bladder Cancer Corner is also useful.

Here is a good guide to urinalysis.

And some interactive uroradiology tutorials.

Nephrologist Joel Topf has a series of online lectures entitled Precious Bodily Fluids. Fantastic stuff.


Twittersphere: @UrologyQuiz is a #FOAMed devoted to urology. Just use #uroquiz.

You can check out Dr Marnique Basto’s prezi on Social Media for Urologists here. She has gives a very good pictorial guide to twitter if anyone is struggling to get started. Worth a look.
If you think you might want to be a urologist when you grow up, it’s probably a good idea to follow these guys:
Screen pic of prezi

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