Andy Neil saves us here a bit, combining anatomy with clinical pictures beautifully. Here with the example of brain herniation.

These guys make hilarious videos, my favourite of which is on cranial nerve palsies.

If you learn best using videos, check out Medical Reel’s Neurology Channel on Youtube – they’ve collected the best neurology videos for medical students (in their opinion).

This neurologist has made a blog about what he talks about on his daily neurology team rounds. Gold.

This is in case you get asked to help a neuro resident/reg to do an LP.

And for some background basics in neuroanatomy – look at LITFL links.

Click here to watch a video on some common gait abnormalities (hemiplegic, parkinsonian, cerebellar ataxic, diplegic, myopathic, neuropathic “high stepping”, choreiform).