This site draws together FOAM relevant for medical students

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What’s FOAM?

FOAM archives are bulging with the ‘sexy stuff’ of Emergency Medicine and Critical Care, and urology, curiously…

How can we find the stuff most relevant to medical students? It’s a jungle of open cricothyroidotomies and debates on thrombolysis out there.

How can we stay focused, and use FOAM to help us get through exams… and even become better doctors?

This site is created and enriched by medical students. It’s riddled with links to FOAMed resources we vote are best suited to us. Tell us if you find more.

This is really a collaborative project, so share to your mates. Watch this space for FOAMed resource reviews, interviews with student FOAM creators, blog posts by FOAMites around the world.

2 thoughts on “This site draws together FOAM relevant for medical students

  1. A number of us are a long time from med student days. Any other than #FOAMed stuff in particular you might like. A bit of context might drive some relevant material. We use an online journal club for reg and SRMO education now and the flipped classroom allows for just discussion and distillation of experience when we meet face to face.

    1. Hi John,
      Your resources from ecinsw and aicelearning are brilliant for students, to compliment their teaching in hospitals. We have added links to them here. We are interested in sourcing and encouraging new FOAMed gems from specialties who perhaps aren’t as well represented at a quick search. By collating them here, students can click on the section most relevant to the rotation they are given and get a short “flipped classroom” experience before/during their clinical exposure. We are currently surveying students on the areas of their learning they feel they are looking for bite-sized support on on this page:
      Thanks for your question and your contribution, which benefits us all!

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