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Founder and moderator of Ali Gould has been invited to join OpenCon 2016. Thisa three-day application-only conference/meeting is groundbreaking in it’s topic- everything OPEN.┬áThe conference seeks to bring together effective, engaged students and early career academics from around the world to advance Open Access, Open Data, and Open Education. The most important criteria is an interest in advancing Open issues, and a commitment to taking action.

Participants get to learn about open access, open data, and open education through keynotes, panels, interactive workshops, and hackathons!

It’s an honour to be accepted- but comes with a problem…. the cost of getting to Washington DC!!! Please give a little to help FOAMedstudent get on the Open Map.


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More about the OpenCon 2016:

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Participants will meet other students, librarians, and early career academic professionals from around the world who are passionate about advancing open.

Initiatives that have been founded by OpenCon alumni with support from the community include the Open Access Button, Open Access Nepal, Open Access Nigeria, the OOO Canada Research Network, Open Access Sudan, WhyOpenResearch?, the Open Access Academy,, the Open Research Glossary, and many more.

Participants will learn methods for advancing open: from raising institutional awareness to leading national-level campaigns. The third day will provide a half-day of advocacy training followed by the opportunity for in-person meetings with relevant policy makers, ranging from the US Congress and federal agencies to embassies and key NGOs.


It’s time to tell the FOAM-creators what we want!


Some results are in…. The students have spoken. These are the top subjects you want to see more of in the world of FOAM… (not sure why you want more Emergency Medicine- it’s riddled with it out there!)

Results as at 4th December 2014... and counting....

Results as at 4th December 2014… and counting….

This is your last chance to vote before I pass on our needs, wants and demands to some very motivated physicians and trainees at ACEM ASM. Get in quick for your voice to be heard. Follow this link to the poll to vote now. Students Represent!